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Case Study: Rapid Web Application Development In Healthcare

Two projects, one platform. TEKStack Rapid Web Application Development Platform for healthcare IT solutions.

This case study showcases the TEKStack Platform's ability to adapt and integrate different services for healthcare web applications. TEKStack Platform allows you to store data in relational and NOSQL databases for BIG DATA solutions. Privacy and security is a top priority for hospitals. The TEKStack Platform has a built-in security module that allows user management and authentication; it is flexible enough to use its own user account infrastructure or leverage LDAP and Active Directory for single sign-on within the enterprise ecosystem. Enterprise-level integration allows the platform to connect different systems (including legacy systems) which can cut costs by reuse existing infrastructure.

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Project: IDA 2.0

Product type: Web application
Client: The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute
Industry: Healthcare
Technology: Java, Spring, Hibernate

The Stats

7 departments: Faculty, Research Training Centre, Grants Administration, Research Ethics Board, Lab Animal Services, Biosafety, Radiation Safety Office.

Scope of data: Personal Demographics, Research Protocols, Grants applications, Grants agreements, performance reviews, REB applications and reviews, LAS applications and reviews, Purchase orders, Funding sources, Cost centres, cost centre budgets.

Requirement: Upgrade the existing system, rebuilding everything but the database layer. IDA 1.0 was outdated, not extremely user- friendly, and the existing architecture and technology was not scalable for the amount of data that was accumulating and the increasing number of users. SickKids provided the functional specifications and UI design concepts. TCinc provided the development expertise.

Project: PIDA

Product type: Web application
Client:The Department of Paediatrics at The Hospital for Sick Children
Industry: Healthcare
Technology: Java, Spring, Hibernate

The Stats

1 department: 13 divisions

Requirement: Build a system that would merge disparate data sources:

  • Legacy databases
  • Excel files containing 15 years of data
Create data feeds from other systems, both internal and external to the hospital network.

The Technology

TEKStack Platform is a data management system that features a modular design built to facilitate the integration of varied data. The platform itself is currently comprised of the technical design, architecture, base database design, base business logic and UI objects that together provide a good foundation upon which to build a customized solution. It also includes a comprehensive security module that can function as a stand-alone application. The security module is used for user account administration, including creating and assigning roles and permissions to users which govern data access with an extreme level of granularity. We are able to control if a user is able to view and/or edit a given field or combination of fields at any point in the system. The key to the powerful reporting capability of this system stems from the core database design and the design principles used. The principle is to build entities generically to allow for greatest adaptability to specific needs. The system currently allows for some seamless integration of discrete data sources (data feeds to and from the core system). TEKStack Platform’s power lies in its flexibility and the modularity of design which makes a system that is created with expansion possibilities factored in. Even though these clients were in the same healthcare environment, these were very different projects with unique challenges and presented opportunities to leverage the TEKStack platform in interesting ways.

TEKStack Platform’s power lies in its flexibility TEKStack

IDA: Rapid Web Application Development

The IDA project was an upgrade from an outdated, slower, less user-friendly version of itself. The database was remaining the same, but everything on top of that was being changed. TCinc reviewed and confirmed requirements and made sure that we understood the way the offices and data needed to interact. Following the specifications provided, TCinc was able to leverage the existing libraries and components of the TEKStack platform to build a flexible, robust web application much faster than if starting from scratch.

The TEKStack Platform’s security module governs user account administration functions, and provides the basis for an incredibly flexible role and permission-based web application security. The permissions are used in the web application to protect each data element on a page, allowing one user to edit the item and another only to view it and another may not even be able to see the element on the page.

PIDA: Integration and New Functionality

Prior to the PIDA project, work had been done on the platform to build a prototype for a query tool that could be a modular add-on to the system. For the PIDA project, We built a query tool module that allowed the user to dynamically and in real-time, build parameter-driven queries and save them for later re-use. The user could then export the data to excel if needed.

Using web services we created data feeds from two pre-existing systems

  • On demand, user-driven data feed from IDA
  • Scheduled automated monthly data feed from the hospital’s finance system.