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The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Fiasco

It’s that time of year again that you either love or hate…

Ugly Christmas sweater party season. 
Your schedule has a massive increase in holiday themed parties where everyone wants to their guests to arrive in the most horrifying, aesthetically unappealing sweaters they could find. Bonus points for vintage! 
But while the parties are fun and festive, there’s one side effect to an ugly Christmas sweater party that lasts past the holiday season; social media photo ops. That’s right, that picture of you in your ugly sweater will outlive the fruit cake your grandparents brought over for Christmas dinner that no one dared touch. But instead of having that photo of you over heated and itchy in your thrift store Santa Claus threads being immortalized online forever, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just throw on an ugly sweater with the swipe of your finger? And if your friends could do the same? And not just one ugly sweater, either. Everyone could get together, try on different ugly sweaters, and post their hilarious photos to Facebook, all without ever having to set foot into a thrift store. 
How is that even possible, you may ask?
Two words:
Kringle Me.
For the past two years, I’ve been racking my brain for a way to avoid the ugly sweater party fiasco, and Kringle Me gives my friends and I a fun and easy way out.  Kringle Me is Translucent Computing’s new Christmas photo app. Similar to our previous ‘Creep Me Out’ photo app that launched around Halloween, Kringle Me contains a bunch of cool props and overlays that lets you make your photos more festive. And over here at TCinc, we thought having the option of resizable ugly Christmas sweaters would be doing the ugly sweater trend a huge favour. 
With that in mind, I came up with a list why using a Kringle Me is much more satisfying than putting on an actual ugly sweater. 
1) Be a part of the trend without all the itch. Let’s be realistic here. The worst part is the itch. Create your own hilarious festive masterpiece of cheesey sweater glory instead with a few taps of a screen. And you won’t have to get rid of a rash in time for that New Year’s dress, either.
2) The festivities don’t just stop with the sweaters; you can choose from a selection of frames, filters and props to Christmas-ify your photo. Forgot to buy a card for aunt Judy? Send her one of your creations. You’ll make her laugh all while sharing some festive cheer.
3) There’s never been a more pleasant way to enjoy an ugly Christmas sweater AND fruitcake at the same time. Seriously, you should check out our fruitcake prop. It looks so delicious that you may actually want to go out and buy a fruitcake of your own. 
4) Sharing clothes has never been so easy. With a variation of ugly Christmas sweaters to choose from, you can upload photos of you, your friends, your family, or even your cat wearing hilariously festive outfits. Nothing says you’re ready for the holidays like a Facebook page covered in virtual ugly sweaters!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Kringle Me is available in the Google Play Store and Amazon for Android devices. Check it out here
Happy Holidays! 

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December 16th, 2013

by in Technology

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