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Digital Transformation
What’s In It For Me?

You’re not Netflix. Or Facebook. Or Google. Your organization has its own unique identity, so you shouldn’t try to be like another organization.

Our Technology is Stacked!

Data Driven application platform tools and processes, specialized in building cloud native applications.

Our Process

Translucent is your technology partner! Building very close relationships with our clients, we take the time and effort to lay the foundations needed to create the future together.

Our Process

Inform and Learn

We work with you, informing and educating you about what it takes to be digitally competitive in the current market. We learn your business and business needs.

Inception and Discovery

During the discovery phase we uncover all business processes and requirements and understand your current state. During the inception phase we conceive and plan your solution.

Digital Transformation

We implement your digital strategy with ongoing support, leveraging proven development methodologies.

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Cloud Native Applications

Translucent cloud native data driven application development.
IT’s how your clients do business.

Cloud Native DevOps

Cost-effective automation of your operations and infrastructure, with a focus on what drives business value.

Professional Services

Our cloud native teams are experts in Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices and distributed systems. We excel in building, deploying, and scaling modern applications in the cloud.

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