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Application Modernization – New Build to Continuous Improvements Case Study

Wippy Pay - Redefining Automotive Payments

In 2018, we built a cloud-native platform, We engineered Wippy Pay, designed to handle many transactions while seamlessly interconnecting customers, retailers, lenders, and banks. With a microservices-based architecture, Wippy Pay has showcased agility, resilience, and scalability, revolutionizing how financial transactions are processed. Further driving our commitment to advanced technology, we integrated AI operations (AIOps) and an AI chatbot into the platform. This application modernization initiative has improved observability, enabling us to offer superior production support and thereby greatly enhancing user experience in the financial industry.
Application Modernization - Rebuild Case Study

SickKids - Revolutionize Healthcare Data Management with AI and FHIR

Translucent achieved a remarkable feat by modernizing the SickKids Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) EMR, migrating half a billion records from the legacy system (CIMS) to our sophisticated HealthPilot platform. This new Electronic Medical Chart Platform empowers physicians and researchers with sub-second access to 20 years of patient data, fueling faster diagnostics and insightful analytics. This transformation exemplifies our dedication to harnessing technology for advancing healthcare and research.
Application Modernization - Rearchitect Case Study

Driving Innovation: How Tech Reimagined the CBBs Auto Valuation System

In an innovative project, we revitalized the traditional paper-based books and valuation system of the Canadian Black Book (CBB) into a dynamic, digitized platform. Our comprehensive solution encompassed a cloud-based backend, robust middle-tier APIs, a user-friendly frontend, and dedicated iOS & Android apps. We fortified data security using state-of-the-art measures and implemented a comprehensive monitoring system. This successful transformation of the Canadian Black Book significantly boosted user experience, accessibility, and data security, marking a new era in the digital journey.

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