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Cloud Native DevOps Consulting

Focused On What Drives Business Value

Our solution increases your team collaboration and system automation. Our continuous technology improvements drive business value and cross-collaboration between teams.

We help improve the experience of your clients, customers, staff, and third parties without the need for the added cost of people resources.

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Translucent’s understanding of the cloud native DevOps space and expertise in Kubernetes through to data driven applications has proven extremely valuable… Their holistic understanding of cloud native technology, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and security…has been invaluable. I would use them again if I could. In fact, I would use their team for everything if I could!

Rhys Parry - CTO - Volentix

Your DevOps Journey Roadmap


Develop and release better software faster using Kubernetes and DevOps practices
  • - 100% GitOps Based
  • - Configuration as Code
  • - Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • - Declarative Pipelines
  • - Monitoring | Observability
  • - Cloud-Agnostic (AWS | GCP | Azure)
  • - High Dev-Prod Parity
Deliver DevOps culture and best practices to clients

Managed Kubernetes Services on Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy for Platform Development, using Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, VMWare and Private Cloud.

Deliver DevOps culture and best practices to clients

– Plan, migrate, manage, automate, and optimize your Kubernetes cloud infrastructure

Site Reliability Engineering - what can be measured can be managed
Translucent’s Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) experts in DevOps are Kubernetes Certified Providers.

"71% of Fortune 100 companies use Kubernetes.

(source: CNCF.IO)

Is your company ready to compete?

No matter how simple or complex, Translucent’s cloud native data driven Devops solutions can be tailored to your exact needs to
save your company money, keep clients happier, and close new customers.

  • Open for business 24/7
  • Greater customer insights
  • Global expansion
  • Automated operational infrastructure
  • Drive more revenue
  • Automation saves money

What does Cloud-Native Data-Driven DevOps mean for your business?

Translucent takes the best functions in your operational workflow and wraps data-driven digital DevOps technology around them, which:

  • Creates a better customer and internal employee experience
  • Automates your processes and self-healing systems
  • Saves you money in resources through automated processes
  • Allows your business to be more effective and efficient in delivering your business value to your clients, in the current market conditions and into the future.
  • Makes you money through a full digital transformation of your infrastructure.

This is not just about cloud native DevOps technology. It’s about… People, Business, Operations, and Results. Oh, and People! Did I say People?

Bradford A. M. Sankar COO - Translucent Computing

Cost-effective automation of your operations and infrastructure, with a focus on what drives business value

We treat your business like our own.