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November 10th, 2012

TCinc app -> Cloud Doodle mobile drawing app

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TCinc app -> Cloud Doodle mobile drawing app

It’s a crazy busy time here at TCinc.  We didn’t have much time to work on our blog…we have a lot of exciting stuff we want talk about and we will once we find more time.

In the last year we built over 20 mobile and web apps for various clients.  I must say it’s been very exciting times.  In addition to our consulting services to which we devote about 50% of our time, we dedicate 40% into internal R&D which includes our own products and  10% is spent familiarizing ourselves with new toys (various new phones, tablets and the apps they offer) which is key to understanding today’s market.


Cloud Doodle ->

Out of our R&D initiative a new app was born: “Cloud Doodle: Fun, Educational, Interactive!!”

This a new fun app that allows you to draw freehand, colour existing drawings, send e-cards, and share all that with your friends and family.  This can be a great and fun app for kids and adults.  The first version will be released into the Android world, with iPad/iPhone, Windows and BB following s犀利士 oon!!


Complete product testing must be a major part of the development life cycle.  If you work in mobile space you know that fragmentation is a big issue  (It’s also pretty bad when it come to web apps and  browsers but that market is bit more mature).  Probably the most fragmented ecosystem is Android.  As you can see below the best way to get around that is to test your app on as many devices as you can that cover various sizes and OS versions.  To complement that you will need to use emulators and you will learn how painfully slow that is.


Over the next couple of weeks we will go over some of the cool features we included in this app and the technical challenges we encountered.  The main feature of the app is the Free Draw which allows you to draw on a blank canvas. Below you can see our designer having some fun with it – he calls it working…hmmm.  In the next blog we will talk more about Free Draw and how he created the drawing below.

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November 10th, 2012

by in Technology

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