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The 10 Best Ways To Use Kringle Me!

With Christmas almost a week away, it’s time we all started getting ready to send out festive greetings to our family, friends, loved ones and co-workers. In an age where e-cards and Hallmark fall into the borderline generic category during this holiday season, we here at TCinc have found a fun and festive way of making all of your Christmas greetings and activities unique with our app Kringle Me!

Here’s our list of 10 ways to use Kringle Me this holiday season!

1) Corporate Christmas Joy
Need something to send out to your clients or coworkers this month to spread the festive joy? Kringle Me has a wide selection of fonts you can use to spice up your Christmas photos and send them out as Seasons Greetings cards.

2) Kringle the Kids
Want a way to make memorable Christmas photos without going through the struggle of getting your children into uncomfortable festive outfits? You can dress your kids up with a variety of Kringle Me props and send out their adorable photos to your loved ones. Print them out and put them in the family photo album to ensure hilarity and satisfying embarrassment for years to come.

3) Schedule too packed to make it to that Ugly Christmas Sweater party?
Its like you were there the whole time.

4) Christmas tree ornaments 
Create unique and personal Christmas tree ornaments with your photos from Kringle Me! Just Kringle, save and print them via your computer or bluetooth from your device.

5) Holiday pranks
Nothing says love like posting your friends photo with elf ears on their Facebook wall for their entire network to see.

6) Settle Christmas Tree debates
Think those gold ornaments would look much better than the same old red ones Dad insists on decorating the tree with every year? Give him a visual example of why your taste in Christmas tree decorating is on the trendy side.

7) Fruitcakes you won’t feel guilty giving away!
We’ve never seen more lovable fruitcakes. And you won’t even have to eat them!

8) Kringle your obsessions
Need to find a Christmas photo of your favourite celebrity? Look no further.

9) Your kids can Kringle too!
There’s an easier way to make festive Christmas cards for friends and family and avoid the mess! Kringle Me is a family friendly app, and appropriate for children of all ages. Let your kids create their own personalized Christmas cards, and share them with the rest of the family!

10) Holiday Memes
For the internet savvy and those in touch with their sense of humour, send them a festive holiday meme they’ll never forget (and share ALL over their Facebook page for the next two weeks).

Can you discover other ways to use Kringle Me? Click here to download the app today and give it a whirl!


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December 19th, 2013

by in Technology

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