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June 6th, 2022

Why is ZERO TRUST SECURITY important for your business?

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Why is ZERO TRUST SECURITY important for your business?

Leveraging the right tools, technologies, and culture to protect your infrastructure against cyberattacks is a necessity, and this is what Zero Trust is all about.

Implementing Zero Trust can protect you from multiple breaches due to bad actors, hackers, malpractice, ignorance or just human error. Zero Trust is a framework or strategic approach to security that will help your infrastructure remain as secure as possible to prevent security breaches by safeguarding what matters most: the trust of your customers and company’s information. 

Here are some security tips:

Defining protect surface:

Your protect surface encompasses the critical data, applications, assets and services. The protect surface is dynamic and ever-changing, expanding and contracting as the risk around it changes – such as the arrival of a new hire or the departure of a high-risk contractor. 

Mapping flow of transactions:

The way in which traffic passes through a network dictates how it should be safeguarded. Mapping all of your critical data, applications, assets, and services will allow you to document how specific resources interact and properly enforce controls to help protect your data without affecting your business.

Architecting network:

Zero Trust is not based on a single, universal architecture. After mapping flows and defining the protected surface, you can map out the Zero Trust architecture, starting with a next-generation firewall. 

Zero Trust Policy:

You’ll need to set Zero Trust policies using the “Kipling Method” to whitelist which resources should have access to others after the network is built. In his poem “Six Serving Men,” Kipling, a well-known novelist, proposed the concept of “who, what, when, where, why, and how.”

Monitoring network:

Evaluating all logs, both internal and external, all the way through Layer 7, with a focus on the Zero Trust operational components, is the final phase. Inspection and logging of all traffic will provide critical information on how to enhance the network over time, as Zero Trust is an iterative process.

ℹ️ To learn more about our approach to building secure applications, get in touch with one of our experts. 

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June 6th, 2022

by in Data-Driven, Microblog

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